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Herman Mark Schwartz

Herman Mark Schwartz is a professor in the Department of Politics at the University of Virginia and author of Subprime Nation: American Power, Global Finance, and the Housing Bubble (Cornell University Press, 2009).
Articles by Herman Mark Schwartz

Vampires at the Gate?

What exactly is financialization? How does it relate to what’s happening in the rest of the economy? Does it hinder growth, and if so, how? At the end of the nineteenth century, many on both the left and right regarded finance as a vampire sucking the lifeblood out of “real” businesses, workers, and, in Britain’s settler colonies, local econo­mies. Indeed, Stanford literature professor Franco Moretti has argued that the classic 1897 Bram Stoker novel Dracula…

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Corporate Profit Strategies and U.S. Economic Stagnation

Government responses to Covid-19 will reshape the U.S. econo­my for the next decade. But why did America’s economy deliv­er such slow growth during the previous decade, as well as before the 2008 global financial crisis? Why has the U.S. economy consistently generated rising income inequality and sluggish investment for so long? Answering these questions helps…

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