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Daniel Luria

Daniel Luria is a former vice president of research at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. Prior to that, he was an economist in the UAW’s research department.
Articles by Daniel Luria

The China Model’s Challenge to Democratic Capitalism

We begin with our conclusion: China has surpassed or will soon sur­pass the United States in many key dimensions, including economic growth, health care, education, 5g network rollout, and the development of artificial intelligence. Today, 103 years after the Russian Revolution, central planning can finally be effective and strategic, thanks to the volume of available data…

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New Gilded Age or Old Normal?

Since the mid-1970s, inequality has increased under Democratic as well as Republican administrations and Congresses. In retrospect, the four and a half decades from 1933 to 1978 were a historical aberration. The longer-term trend toward more inequality in capitalist economies, which prevailed before this period, has re­sumed after it. That leads us to conclude that there may well be no technocratic or tax policy fix for capitalism’s tendency to generate ever more inequality…

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