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Matthew Dal Santo

Matthew Dal Santo is an historian and foreign affairs writer resident in Denmark, where he was Danish Research Council post-doctoral fellow at the University of Copenhagen from 2014 to 2017. A former fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a policy officer of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, he is the author of God Save the Tsar! The Romanovs and the Redemption of Russia (forthcoming in 2019).
Articles by Matthew Dal Santo

Nicholas II: A Tsar’s Life for the People?

On July 16 and 17, Russia will mark one of the most sensitive centenaries in its recent history: the slaughter of Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II, his wife (the Anglo-German Empress Alexandra), five children, and four remaining servants at point-blank range by a Bolshevik firing squad in 1918. Beyond Russia’s borders, the Great War was…

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