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Hubert Horan

Hubert Horan is a forty-year airline industry veteran. He has consulted for over twenty-five airlines and was a senior manager at Northwest, America West, Swissair, and Sabena. His articles on industry competition and his congressional and DOT testimony are available at
Articles by Hubert Horan

The Airline Industry after Covid-19: Value Extraction or Recovery?

The magnitude of the financial collapse currently facing the airline industry is unprecedented. In 2020, the Big Four airlines that dominate the U.S. industry (Ameri­can, Delta, United, and Southwest) reported GAAP net losses of $31.5 billion and operating losses of $33.1 billion. This was a $50 billion decline…

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Uber’s Path of Destruction

Since it began operations in 2010, Uber has grown to the point where it now collects over $45 billion in gross passenger revenue, and it has seized a major share of the urban car service market. But the widespread belief that it is a highly innovative and successful company has no basis in economic reality. An examination of Uber’s economics suggests that it has no hope of ever earning sustainable urban car service profits in competitive markets…

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