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Virtual Event—Data Wars: Security, Economics, and Politics

If AI is the engine of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, data is the fuel. But the economic exploitation of data faces huge obstacles—cybersecurity, national regulation, international competition, and new technologies that threaten to disrupt the control and security of data. What changes are underway, and how can businesses and governments adapt to them? Join Asia…

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Announcing the Common Good Economics Grant Program

American Affairs, together with American Compass, is pleased to announce the Common Good Economics Grant Program to support projects aimed at rethinking the role that economic policy can play in advancing the common good. CGE grants will be in amounts from $5,000 to $50,000, and can be used to support new initiatives ranging from individual…

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Who’s Minding the App Store?

A conversation on internet platform policy and economics hosted by American Affairs and American Greatness, featuring panelists Mark W. Koran, Minnesota State Senate (R-32); Blake Masters, Thiel Capital; Fiona McFarland, Florida House of Representatives (R-72); and J. D. Vance, Narya Capital…

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After the Viral Economy

In 1988, Jean Baudrillard announced “the triumph of a viral econo­my.” Already, he saw that the manic circulation of financial assets, information, and—indeed—viruses, both biological and technological, would define the new era. If everything must circulate freely, he observed, “well, so then must germs, viruses, drugs, capital, and ter­rorists. And this circulation of the worst…

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Common Good Capitalism: An Interview with Marco Rubio

We have always had a political class, composed of politicians, donors, consultants, and media who make decisions about what our politics and campaigns should focus on. But never have the views of this political class and the rest of the country been so different. For our political class, the operating assumption has been that popular concerns, like families’ cost of living and industries moving to China, are issues that are either simply inevitable in modern society or can be dealt with by a tax credit or a government program. I think one of the lessons of the 2016 election is that these are more fundamental issues that demand deeper political attention…

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Our Policy Agenda

Since the launch of American Affairs three months ago, a favorite topic of commentators has been the inversion of the usual order of policy journals and political movements: this time, a “populist” political movement achieved power before its theoretical contours or specific agenda had been thoroughly defined. Moreover, this journal, although in many ways provoked by the 2016 campaign, arose independently of the new administration. The extent of any affinity between the two remains to be seen. We are as cognizant of these challenges as even our most impatient critics, and we are in fact grateful that there are so many of the latter…

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Why a New Policy Journal?

The conventional party platforms no longer address or even comprehend the most pressing challenges facing American institutions. Economic mobility is down and inequality is up, while growth, productivity, and wages are nearly stagnant. Trust in government is at historic lows…

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