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R. Stephen Brent

R. Stephen Brent is a professor at the Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy at National Defense University. His writing has appeared in Foreign Affairs, the American Interest, and other publications.
Articles by R. Stephen Brent

Misunderstanding Investment in the United States and China

America and China have very different views of the role of investĀ­ment in creating economic growth. In America, we believe in shareholder value. Companies should invest in activities that have high rates of return, which will maximize productivity and growth. The job of government is to get out of the way. China believes the opposite.…

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Disruptive Innovation in America and China

The concept of disruptive innovation arose from the study of innovation in companies, but it can also be applied to nations. In this essay I will use some of the concepts of disruptive innovation to analyze the dynamics of national innovation and growth in America and China.1 The United States is supposed to be the…

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