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Brad Littlejohn

Brad Littlejohn is a senior fellow of the Edmund Burke Foundation, where he researches and writes on the intellectual lineage and contemporary renewal of Anglo-American conservatism.
Articles by Brad Littlejohn

“Over-Mighty Subjects”: Big Tech and the Logic of Feudalism

For nearly three decades, conservative orthodoxy has summed up its central objective in the mantra “starve the beast.” Although Grover Norquist may have been exaggerating slightly when he said he hoped to make government so small he could “drown it in the bathtub,” his sentiment certainly captures the myopic obsession of the GOP during the…

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Individual and National Freedom: Toward a New Conservative Fusion

The 2011 hit series The Newsroom begins with a memorable scene. A panel of pundits is asked by a sorority girl to say “in one sentence or less, why America is the greatest country on earth.” The liberal smugly answers, “Diversity and opportunity.” The conservative, without blinking, responds, “Freedom and freedom.” The second answer speaks…

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