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Alan Tonelson

Alan Tonelson is the founder of RealityChek, a blog on economic and national security policy, and the author of The Race to the Bottom (Westview Press, 2002). He is also a trustee of the Henry George School of Social Science and advised both the Trump and Sanders 2016 campaigns on trade policy.
Articles by Alan Tonelson

What Comes after the U.S.-China Phase One Trade Deal?

What should the United States do next about the trade and broader economic challenge posed by China? This question, which was raised in January as soon as the two governments signed a deal tantalizingly called “phase one,” has seemed especially difficult to answer since President Trump declared on July 14 that he wasn’t interested in…

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Trade, Antitrust, and Restoring Domestic Competition

Will more restrictive trade policies harm the U.S. economy by shielding domestic businesses against competition? That’s what standard economic theory holds, insisting that pressure from foreign rivals is needed for U.S.-based businesses to continue to in­novate, to create the highest quality goods, and to sell them for the lowest possible prices. Although this theory has…

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